TetraFGD Gene ID/annotation

TetraFGD used two gene ID and gene annotation versions:

1) 2006 Tetrahymena ID/annotation

2) 2008 Tetrahymena ID/annotation

The microarray platform was designed using the 2006 version of the Tetrahymena genome annotation. The gene ID and gene annotation in this version of the genome annotation were used in the integrated search.

TetraFGD currently displays the RNA-Seq data through Gbrowse (http://gmod.org/wiki/Main_Page). When we analyzed the RNA-Seq data, the Tetrahymena 2008 version of genome annotation was used, thus, the Gbrowse currently only supports the gene ID and annotation in 2008 version.

You can check the gene ID (both 2006 and 2008 genome annotation) and the transcript ID in "Gene ID and Transcript ID mapping table" (Below)

Click here to download the Gene/Transcript ID table