Tetrahymena GENE NETWORK (TGN)

Gene networks characterize the interactions of bio-molecules such as the physical interactions, metabolite flow, regulatory relationships, co-expression relationships, and more. Network analysis can be used to identify related genes in the same biological processes or pathways etc. The Tetrahymena gene network (TGN) was constructed using the context likelihood of relatedness (CLR) algorithm (mutual information method, an extension of the relevance networks) based on microarray expression data, which means that the connected genes in the TGN have similar expression profile. The CLR network with a Z-score threshold 3.49 was determined as the current TGN (see reference). The larger of a Z-score between two genes indicated the more reliable interaction (more similar expression profile). TGN presents an important resource to study Tetrahymena genes at the pathway level. You can search genes which have similar expression profiles through the bellow two search boxes.
Note: Only use the gene ID of 2006 genome annotation for search.

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TTHERM_00360310, TTHERM_01115220, TTHERM_00392790, TTHERM_02286890, TTHERM_00013410, TTHERM_01332070, TTHERM_00471040, TTHERM_02388090, TTHERM_02257850, TTHERM_02613240, TTHERM_01153620