The current phosphoproteome data were covered three different physiological/developmental stages in Tetrahymena thermophila life cycle: equal amount of cells collected in vegetative growth (CU428 cells in 2 X 105 cells/ml and 1 X 106 cells/ml), starvation (CU428 cells starved for 3 and 15 h at 2 X 105 cells/ml in 10 mM Tris-Hcl Buffer) and conjugation (0, 4, and 10 hours after mixing equal amount of CU428 and B2086 starved cells) were pooled together for mass spectrometry (MS)-based global phosphoproteomic analysis. Note that the 2008 genome annotation (gene prediction) was used to search the phosphorylated peptides from mass spectrometry.

You can type your Gene ID in the 2008 genome annotation here for search. For example TTHERM_00042670.

Workflow of phosphoproteomic analysis