RNA-Seq at different stages

Tetrahymena thermophila RNA-Seq coverage and RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase exon per Million mapped reads, relative expression level) values at three stages (total five states) were showed in Gbrowse, inluding: 1. Growth: ~3.5X105 cells/ml (middle log phase); 2. Starvation 3 hours and 15 hours; 3. Conjugation 2 hours and 8 hours.

To search, type your Gene ID using the 2008 genome annotation.

Notes for seaching the RNA-Seq data at different stages

The Gbrowse automaticly show the scale bar for the RPKM vale of each gene. If you want to show different genes in the same scale, please follow the method in the bellow image. If the explorer of your computer can not automaticly display the RPKM value tracks, please empty the cookies of the explorer, or go to the "Select Tracks" page of Gbrowse to select all the RPKM tracks.